Regards from Bulgarian FIAT Club!

This place is for those who don't speak Czech

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Regards from Bulgarian FIAT Club!

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Hello everybody! :)
"Club FIAT Bulgaria" send regards to you!
If You want, visit our internet forum on URL:
We are big fans of Italian cars. Just like You! :)
I hope, we can exchange experience about our cars in the future.

P.S.: I am honoured to post the first Subject in your "English corner"!
Soon I will understand and speak the Czech Language (because I study), and we will make a conversation in a same language. ;)
Sorry for my English!

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Re: Regards from Bulgarian FIAT Club!

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zajímalo by mě, jak moc česky se už naučil :D
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Re: Regards from Bulgarian FIAT Club!

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HI, im pleased that you post here your comments. We like also Fiat cars and Itally :D .

Which words do you learned in czech language? :D

I know in bulgarian Nessebar or something like that :) also know like "soon bay" My sister was there last month.

We wish you and all Fiat fans all the best.


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